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Chateau Pavie Decesse
Chateau Pavie Decesse
  • Year:  2000
  • Country:  France
  • Region: Saint Emilion, Bordeaux

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Pavie Decesse, is situated on top of the St. Emilion, limestone plateau. The topography places it above Chateau Pavie. However both Bordeaux wine estates share similar terroir, histories and even owners! Interestingly, Chateau Pavie Decesse can be traced all the way back to ancient Roman times. Historians are aware that vines were planted at the estate in the fourth century. The Romans knew what they were doing because Chateau Pavie Decesse produces one of the top Right Bank wines.

Until 1855, Pavie and Pavie Decesse were part of the same vineyard. That all changed when Ferdinand Bouffard, the owner at the time seperated the vineyards. At that moment, Pavie Decesse was born.

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