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Batic Cabernet Franc
Batic Cabernet Franc
  • Year:  2011
  • Country:  Slovenia
  • Region: Vipavska Dolina

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With an immense respect for nature, viewing themselves more as expert gatherers rather than heavy-handed winemakers, and paying special attention to local varieties and winemaking traditions, the Batic family makes wines that honestly reflect the land and vintage. After macerating for thirty days in an open topped oak vat without any additives, the Cabernet Franc was barreled down into Slovenian oak barrels where the wine slowly finished malolactic fermentation. Apart from topping barrels, nothing else was done until bottling.  Phenomenal acid, a fine-grained texture, and a balance of fruity and savory flavors make this is varietally spot on Cabernet Franc with an elegant Slovenian twist. Traditionally paired with white polenta and foal, gamey meats, sweet herbs and hearty earthy flavors.

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