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Caric Bogdanjusa
Caric Bogdanjusa
  • Year:  2013
  • Country:  Croatia
  • Region: Hvar

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Bogdanjuša means “a godsend” (Bogom dana), and is traditionally used during church holidays and festivities. It’s also inherently a festive wine with brightness, brininess, and not being too heavy on the palate. It can be simple wine, but if it is farmed well in the sea air, the fruit will come to life. Indigenous to the island of Hvar, it’s achieved that magic balance between ripeness and acidity. Locals drink it with a seafood stew called “Forska-Gregoda” chock full of Mediterranean herbs, olive oil and onions. This is a recipe so old that it predates the new world, meaning no tomatoes or potatoes traditionally. Whole baked fish with herbs and lemon also does the trick.

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